flexible solutions designed for smaller spaces

modulan solutions are not restricted to full size data centres. We also supply into On Premise data rooms.

If you maintain an On Premise data centre, modulan offer modular pods that are designed specifically for your business requirements with a focus on efficiency, longevity and support. With modulan you have maximum adaptability and scalability to meet future requirements easily and efficiently.

Our open design and frameless approach allows you to work within the rack not behind it, making access and maintenance much simpler with less restrictions. This maximises available space, with the potential for longer rows and more units than traditional cabinets.

Using state of the art technology that allows measurement to the millimetre, we can easily work around structural obstacles, accommodate various rack sizes and keep a blueprint on file for future adaptations. Our 19″ rails deliver ultimate load-bearing characteristics, resulting in greater stability and load bearing capacity, when compared to conventional rails.

Separating hot and cold air, the open design also allows for the reduction of facility operating costs. This improves data centre resilience by eliminating hot spots and stabilising rack intake temperatures, reducing the risk of a thermal event. Security is also top of mind, with total access control including biometrics, caging, locks, sensors and pod monitoring via the IP network.

on premise

A Complete infrastructure solution

Design a structure to support all of your critical services including:

  1. Optical fibre
  2. Power
  3. Piping
  4. Network rack
  5. Copper
  6. Fire
  7. Bus duct

With modulan you can accommodate all your critical services while reducing disruption caused by building works and trades on site. The completely custom modular system also equals a much quicker deployment, saving up to 25% on installation time.