designed in advance to your exact specifications

modulan also stores and manages all digital files for easy adaptation of your data centre in the future.

Virtual Data Centre Design

Our engineering approach begins with a commitment to CAD design to create the perfect map of the data center space. We take a 3D image providing an accurate measurement of the space to the milimetre. This creates a unique design blueprint which is then used for manufacturing and customer validation. The CAD process enables desktop virtual tours of your space to senior management or any role within the organisation.

3D blueprint make reconfiguration faster and more accurate

By taking an engineering approach, this reduces on-site manufacturing and works and in fact, eliminates any on-site build. Once the space is captured in a 3D design, there is no further requirement for another image or new measurements if there are any changes to design thereby saving additional cost and time into the future. By having your data center “blueprints” on file, we can easily create amendments to the design and ensure interoperability with any existing configurations. The blueprints enables organisations to respond quickly when modifications are required to the data centre. When things change beyond what an engineer can do within the space, you are able to retrieve the ‘map’ and reconfigure the site. This enables better speed and greater precision when there is a need to revisit the centre’s configuration.