adapt your data centre to new business requirements

Introduce containment solutions, cabinet systems or even multitenancy options.


Flexibility and scale are the foundation of modulan’s solutions. Every element within our product range can be adapted to new reconfiguration requirements within the data centre.

Any rack can be made into a half rack easily on-site or vice versa thereby saving the cost of buying extra racks and allowing the IT manager to continue to build out as greater scale is required by the business. modulan also has design features that guarantee that the containment can quickly be adapted to change. Help make better commercial decisions within your data centre layout with adaptability of modulan.


You set the dimensions

Make use of each millimetre of your precious data centre surface area. No matter how the room conditions are modulan cabinet systems can be adapted to suit. This means unused empty spaces beside the cabinets can now be simply integrated into the cabinet system.

Framework-independent formation of the 19″ units

Due to the continuous crossways supports, individual 19″ units can be moved effortlessly within the cabinet system. Any adjustments to the width of the framework and also asymmetric formation of the units can be made when the unit has been fitted, as required.

Full flexibility
Moving a 19″ unit later will provide additional room, e.g. for cable management. Additional air conditioning units can also be integrated into a row in this manner.


Divided doors

To divide up individual racks between various customers, the modulan system offers the possibility of dividing the 19” cabinets according to individual specifications. A partition floor creates the necessary access security inside the racks.