the best performing data centres pay close attention to how resources are utilised

Maximise your available real estate and minimise your associated running costs.


modulan’s flexibility and customisation within the data centres delivers a number of savings and efficiencies above and beyond energy efficiency.


Custom-made in all dimensions

With rising operating costs containment is now much more critical. Additional reduction of the air volume and improved utilisation of the climatic capacities within the data centre offer energy savings and cost efficiencies.

If you directly compare conventional 800 mm single cabinets built in a row to modulan system racks, you will quickly recognise the true savings potential of the modulan solution. Material savings of two adjoining units reduces the required space, i.e. the longer the row, the larger the gain of spave.

This means 16 common single cabinets of 800 mm take up the same space as 17 modulan system racks. If you leave the modulan standard width and relinquish 41 mm per unit you can even accommodate 18 units on the same total length. In any case, the open design of the modulan system racks provides more space than larger single cabinets.

1. Conventional single cabinets waste precious space in your data centre.

2. The open construction of the modulan racks provides more space for racks. i.e. in rows of more than 16 racks, the modulan solution allows for additional rack – while the racks’ net width remains the same.

3. If your total row length is fised, you define how many racks are to be included in this row. If the net width of the each rack is reduced by 41 mm per unit, you can even accommodate 18 units instead of 16 common single cabinets.


Save floorspace due to less aisle width

1200 mm is the standard aisle width which allows you to conveniently open the cabinet doors of both rows. However, if re aisles are to be included too, the aisle has to be even wider.

The innovative design of the room concept partially.

The innovative design of the room concept partially integrates the aisles into the 19‘‘ racks. In other words, with the modulan room concept, a 1000 mm service aisle offers the technician more space and comfort than a 1200 mm aisle with conventional single cabinets.


Material Savings

With modulan’s customisation you won’t pay for parts you don’t need, creating a more sustainable data centre as part of a corporate CSR program. For example, the modulan solution combines the frames of independent cabinets – through this, certain parts become redundant because they would be included twice.

Costs of moving or changes to the data centre are also minimised through modulan. If you move premises or downsize, the design allows you to pack up your server racks and move to another location without any extra cost. You won’t need to buy a new rack system. Storage of racks also becomes much more efficient as they can be flat packed for storage purposes and do not come pre-assembled. The way in which the racks are assembled from flat pack storage to a pre-agreed design means the data centre can keep running while we install any additions and dust within the operating space is minimised.