greenfield sites – Planning for today with tomorrow in frame

We work with a future focus to plan where you want to be while implementing for your current needs.

Starting with a blank page – Building a greenfield data centre with no regard for legacy requirements can be a dream opportunity for an IT or facilities manager.With our unique approach to design, containment, efficiency and cabling, modulan is well-placed to help you realise your vision for your data centre from the ground up.

Our use of a virtual build technology enables us to plan with you a system that meets your current and future needs. The uniqueness of modulan racks enables us to plan where you want to be tomorrow but installing today. It is designing for tomorrow and thinking today.

modulan solutions combine superior, open construction with simple scalability and uncomplicated design. We help you with concept designs and bring them into a format that is easy for stakeholders to visualise. You then have a blueprint from which to refer and manage your space in the future.

We’re also sensitive to cost of establishing a greenfield site. Using the flexibility of modulan racks and the specs designed down to the millimetre, we are able to minimise the investment required while maximising the full capacity of the white space within the data centre.