cable trays help organise large volumes of cables in a concise way

Improve the productivity of your installation and maintenance work through quick identification and easy access.

Flexibility in cabling

it’s a feature of our data centre solutions that we think is as important as the racks themselves – cabling. Just as we are able to custom design rack configuration we are better able to design the cable routing enabling more space for the user to work in. This increases productivity and at the same time ensures an improved over view of cable management.

The overhead cable management system is fixed to the row of racks eliminating the need for building works while not compro-missing the structural integrity of the rack. The overhead feature enables faster deployment of cabling saving up to 25% of install time of a standard cable system.


We get it, you’re not used to having flexibility with your cabling but we have multiple ways to work around cabling issues. With modulan you can route the cables anywhere you like, either above racks or within racks. There is no fixed approach or single way to manage your cables. All cabling is customisable to your specific needs – tell us what you need and we can make it happen.

modulan comes with many cabling options. The existing standard is to provide three cables per server which current rack suppliers use clips or ties to hold together. modulan cables are well positioned from a cable tray offering the opportunity to align a single cable to a server and you have one outlet per RU.

Installation of the modulan multi layered cable management system is really quick and requires no drilling in a working data centre. It’s a non-intrusive approach when you have a data centre in flight and operating. Once installed, modulan’s flexible cabling makes for faster, safer access and less risk of choosing the incorrect cable for the technician. It also reduces technician time in a hot air environment and minimises the risk of human error.

modulan are vendor neutral for cabling accessories and can supply your preferred accessories.


Cable routing within the racks

1. The open design of the system racks allows for the grids to be led through a whole row. Rately to the millimetre within the rack.

2. The cabinet frame provides sufficient possibilities for mounting and leading the grids as well as for holding cables in place.

3. If needed, additional support profiles extend the range of possibilities – for example to position cable brackets accurately to the millimetre within the rack.

Cable routing above the racks

The modulan solution uses sturdy top frames for mounting cable management equipment for horizontal cable routing on several levels.

Combine grids of various sizes and mount them on different levels – once again the height of the grids can be adapted smoothly.


Cable ducts

The basis for our products consists of highly flexible aluminum profiles. Along with the lightweight construction of our cabinets and the reduction of net weight which goes with those undreamt of options are provided for the reinforcement of accessories. Solid connections allow the professional assembly for cable management and power supply – and this, of course, includes all manufacturers. Thanks to the straightforward workmanship, individual requirements can be implemented in a very inexpensive way.