rack configurations that meet your business requirements, now and in the future

Designs for environmental constraints, business ideals, private or shared facilities.

Custom-designed rack layouts

Every modulan rack system is designed in consultation with you. We start with a blank page and customise the data centre to your specific rack and containment needs. There is no cookie-cutter standard design that you are forced to choose. All the accessories and elements such as front doors, back doors and dividing panels are optional depending on your needs and the modulan design allows us to have up to 4 tiers of separation of electrical and data services. This unmatched flexibility gives our customers low cost scalability for the changing needs of the business.

Our design process starts with a scanned 3D image to provide an accurate measurement of the space from which we plan and fit equipment and accessories. Our virtual build 3D CAD process creates a fingerprint for manufacturing and customer validation.


Custom-made in all dimensions

The modular aluminium frame of the 19‘‘ cabinets is the reason why you can freely design all external dimensions. Through this we are able to perfectly to fit the racks to the layout of your room and meet your preferences. For us, cabinet widths of 600 mm to 1000 mm and cabinet depths of more than 1300 mm are just as standard as cabinets of 54 RU.

Free positioning of the 19″ unit

More frequently then ever before, high performance computers do not comply to the 19″ standard size. This spoils the uniform appearance of the data centre because different hardware suppliers use different cabinets that their hardware.

modulan racks however, are designed to easily allow for changes of the racks’ width. It is also easy to smoothly adjust the entire 19‘‘ unit in all directions, even laterally from left to right and vice versa.



Does the plug of your new hardware hit the back of a door? Has neat cabling become almost impossible to achieve? Is there no more space for your new hardware because all RUs are used? modulan presents you an easy and straight-forward solution to all these problems: All cabinets can be extended even without shutting down the hardware. This ensures that our cabinets remain in use.

Greater stability

The use of solid aluminium bars as load-bearing elements for the 19″ rails increases the stability of the SE rack significantly. The rails gain an enormous torsional stiffness and can withstand much greater loads than conventional rails made from pure sheet steel. In this way, the requirements placed on a heavy-load rack are also fulfilled with ease.


Advanced construction

As the new 19″ rails are now load-bearing, individual sections of the SE racks can be completely pre-assembled. The final assembly in the data hall is simply limited to arranging the units. If preferred, this can also be performed by the user himself without any problems.

Easy to arrange

The SE racks are just as simple and easy to arrange as the individual racks. Once the cross profiles are connected, the look of the entire row resembles that of the system racks: an open, perfectly acessible construction.