adapt to improve fire safety, prevent unauthorised access, and enable easier working conditions

modulan solutions help protect both the physical server environment and the occupational safety of data centre workers.

Safety & Security

The design philosophy of modulan allows us to accommodate any safety or security requirements you may have for your data centre.

modulan protects the overall safety of the data centre and your technicians. Our containment solutions keep servers at the right temperatures and non-standard airflow designers can be accommodated. The physical access to equipment that modulan delivers translates to less reaching, less time in a hot air environment and less stress on your technicians reduce the risk of error or omissions.


Secure Rack Access

modulan provides a full range of rack security solutions and cages. modulan’s cage system is the perfect solution for data centre environments requiring subdivision or a higher level of security. Regardless of what kind of security standard you want or what look you prefer the modulan cage system is as individual as your data centre.

Fire Safety

Fire detection and fire suppression are two key priorities for managing the fire safety risk in a data centre. modulan is able to scope out and provide safety elements to manage these risks.

modulan cabinet systems can be equipped with sliding doors instead of the standard swing doors if required. Aisle widths can be reduced without neglecting the subject of escape routes. Our metal inserts let no light pass through making them inflammable and extremely robust.



You do not necessarily have to mount lighting to the ceiling any more – mount it at the place where the light is needed: within the racks.

  • Less shadowing
  • Better illumination of the work place
  • Better access to illuminants within a cold aisle containment

No On-Site Fabrication Required

Other suppliers will usually make-to-measure on-site and implement the racks fully mounted. modulan is made to measure off site, the lightweight frames are then flat packed for cost effective shipping and brought into the facility to be assembled on-site. Installation is clean work with no fuss and minimal disruption. This approach eliminates on-site fabrication that can generate dust and debris in the vicinity of precious equipment.